ML 280 CDI Diesel

  • Hi, guys. I have: ML 280 CDI Diesel 3.0 L.

    The plastic guides of the damper thrust on the right and left manifolds do not function.

    There are several options:

    1. Buy new collectors with tractions (about - 1200-1500 $)

    2. Remove the dampers, plug holes (I read that it is possible)

    3. Buy the repair kit for intake manifold runner connecting rods by company Vanos-bmw dot com - 103$.

    I was interested in option number 3, it looks attractive, the manufacturer guarantees:

    "Replacement of the worn plastic drive to a new aluminum, completely solves the problem,

    restores the functioning of the vortex damper system, allows you to save time and money. "

    Has anyone had experience installing a repair kit?

    More here…s-mercedes-diesel-3-0l-v6

    Tell me, please, how best to proceed.